PrefSuite is a software package or suite of programs designed for the window and door industry.  If you pursue to increase your window and door company’s profit and success, PrefSuite is your product! PrefSuite is a complete solution for your company. While other software solutions are mainly focusing on production areas, PrefSuite provides integrated solutions for all processes of a company, from the order to cash cycle via material and warehouse management through to production and distribution.

Market leading window manufacturers in several countries worldwide benefit from the advantages of PrefSuite. Customers in Australia, Germany, Poland, England, Spain, Japan, USA, and Russia rely on PrefSuite. The system is scalable and is deployed in manufacturers of all sizes.

Best of all, you retain complete control of your Database, make changes on the go and add new systems as you wish

PrefWise is a tool that allows the user to input the basic definitions used by PrefCAD in the model generation process.

Engineering Data:

Profile Properties

Sections and Dimensions

Input of P-Distances between Profiles

Glazing Rules

Bar, Meter & Piece Rules

Global Options

Material System Definitions

PrefCAD is the module used for designing and modeling of products.

PrefCAD allows the user to create models, configure their properties and assign them the desired versatility (P-Options). This then enables the user to use them later on in PrefGest i.e. changing profiles, hardware and accessories.

Create complex designs with Aluminium, PVC and Timber profiles

Generate materials, view 2-D sectional diagrams and 3-D images of models

PrefGest is the coordinating component of PrefSuite. From the quotation, it optimizes the coordination and management of your company’s departments and divisions.

Order generation with a few clicks of the mouse with the following modules:


Production Documents

Purchasing Management / Invoicing

Planning and Inventory Control